Lars Ham

My name is Lars Ham and I’m a Dutch-based cameraman (DP) and director. Or just filmmaker. Trying to tell visual stories with an elegant twist.



Força Koeman

For six months I had the chance to follow Ronald Koeman chasing his dream at FC Barcelona. The personal documentary is produced by Captains Studio and Wasserman and you can watch it on-demand on Videoland.

Director of Photography

WHY Ultimaker?

Ultimaker, manufacturer of 3D printers, gives people world limitless potential to create. In this vision film (extended version), we see how users can work together from all over the world.


Fortune Coffee

Fortune Coffee delivers the best service in the coffee business. They make five promises about their excellent service, which are animated in this table top commercial.

Director of Photography

Ultimaker S5

Introducing the new Ultimaker S5. For the fifth product campaign on a row, we shot on a Bolt motion control and shot the whole commercial in 1 shot.



For ATAG we showed all their new products in a real kitchen, real people and with real recipes. Tasty! For the product videos of ATAG I directed a 10-day studio shoot in 2015 and 2017.

Director of Photography

Parfum Flowers

Not many people know that some special roses are from the highlands of Kenia. In this commercial we see how the parfumed high quality rose is harvested. Directed by Arjen Shotel and Robin Bruinsma, shot in Kenia.



Two kids during their holiday are trying the to beat their high score. We all know our frustrations with old school gaming. Shot by Sjors Mosman. This online commercial was a promo for an 80s themed TEDxDelft.

Director of Photography


This short ‘Three Word Love Story’ tells the tale of a brownie and a cookie getting together. For this tv commercial, the concept and direction by Studio Mals.


Ultimaker Stories

For Ultimaker we made 40 similar inspiring stories world wide, from Canada to New Zealand and from Sweden to Haiti. One of these stories is about Luke Dennison, an 8-year old boy from Cincinnati (US). He is born without a left hand, but his father makes a prosthetic 3D-printed hand for his awesome son.