Luke’s 3D printed hand

Short documentaries - Directing

Luke Dennison, an 8-year old boy from Cincinnati (US), is born without a left hand. His father bought a 3D printer, so he can make a prosthetic hand for his awesome son. For Ultimaker we made 40 similar inspiring stories world wide, from Canada to New Zealand and from Sweden to Haiti.

One Day

Videoclip - Directing

In this interactive videoclip on, the visitor can switch seamless between different interesting locations. Wether it’s on stage in Paradiso, on a boat in the channels of Amsterdam or under a lighthouse on a stormy Dutch coast, Max will play his song.

Behind the scenes


Commercials - Camera

Rainy seasons, climbing challenges or downhill devils. About all disciplines of cycling, we made several tv-commercials for FuturumShop at VLA Films.

Behind the scenes

Fortune Coffee

Online campaign - Directing

Fortune Coffee delivers the best service in the coffee business. They make five promises about their excellent service, which are animated in this commercial.